Returning Thanks

We strive to provide technology solutions to our
under served communities and classrooms

CodeBlue Cares is a Non-Profit Serving through Technology in the Classroom and our Underserved Communities

Celebrating our 4th year as a nonprofit organization, CodeBlue Cares Foundation grew out of the charitable works of CodeBlue Technology, LLC. The team at CodeBlue Technology has had the continuing desire to use our skills and resources to better our communities, as we do our valued clients that we serve. Thus, CodeBlue Cares Foundation was formed to organize that effort and to include our community and partners to multiply our impact.

We love to partner, inspire, and share our technology expertise with the hope that it will enrich someone else.

What we do and who we do it for

We strive to provide technology solutions to our under served communities and classrooms.

How can you help

If you agree that technology can level the playing field for our generations to come, you can help by donating to our Foundation.

Your donation creates new opportunity

Donate to CodeBlue Cares!

Your donation will be used in procuring, installing, and supporting technology in our underserved communities and classrooms.

If you are a technology company, manufacturer, or distributor, you can help by donating technology that we can use for our mission.

If you are interested in sponsoring our mission through your social media influence, please reach out for collaborative giving opportunities.

Community Leadership

The foundation is operated by the dedicated team at CodeBlue Technology. Our purpose for formalizing our charitable giving through the CodeBlue Cares Foundation was to expand our efforts and include our partners in serving our community

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